Confidence-Boosting Color Tips Used by Top Performers

A perfectly matched dress with shoes and hat can really make a difference to how you look. It brings confidence along with it and helps in life. Not only office goers but also artists benefit from blending colours in their dressing, makeup and the settings. Thus a certain colour of laptop can actually help you to give a better presentation and this has been proven by research. Colours are the visual cues which elicit a quick response from the audience, and that fact is being used to communicate messages. It has also been observed that colours can help with emotions as well.

shutterstock_285077420Performers and Psychology of Colours

Colours have an emotional and mental effect in almost all walks of life. This is the subject matter of colour psychology. Colours are associated with a person’s emotional and physical condition. For instance, the colour red increases the heart rate as it leads to adrenaline release in the blood stream. The same is used by performers to up their intensity. This is the reason for the colour red being used in lightings in rock performances. Even seasoned performers continue using the colour tricks. For other ways to iron out performance, you can refer to

Use of colours in advertising and performance

Marketing and advertising is an essential part of any performance. Marketing well is work half done and the contrasting colours used in messages can enhance the reachability. Performers use this cue to arrange their stage. Thus red and blue colours are used in tandem to bring excitement and serenity in balance by performers. While red brings on excitement, blue brings calmness and balancing these emotions are essential for a perfect performance. Thus you will see blue and red colour being used on stage the most. Green is another colour which can be used to calm the nerves.